About The Blickstein Group

The Blickstein Group helps businesses serve corporate law departments and law firms. Its principal, Brad Blickstein, has spent more than 25 years working with in-house counsel, first as founder and president of Corporate Legal Times (now known as InsideCounsel) and, since 2003, with the Blickstein Group.

As principal of the Blickstein Group, Brad has helped dozens of organizations understand the needs of attorneys and corporate law departments. Clients have included

  • Law firms
  • Law departments
  • Legal publishing companies
  • Major consulting firms
  • Electronic discovery service providers
  • Legal process outsourcers
  • Electronic billing providers
  • Cost recovery technology providers

Please visit our Success Stories page for more information about our projects and clients.

He also is publisher of the Annual Law Department Operations Survey and serves as a special sections editor for The National Law Journal for its quarterly Trailblazers series.

Brad is a frequent speaker and writer, often on law department operations, and is a former board member of the LEDES Oversight Committee and former chair of its UTBMS Subcommittee. Brad is an avid live music fan and an occasional runner who has completed two marathons, but it is his wife and two teenage boys that take up most of his nonworking time.

Brad Blickstein