Legal AI Efficacy Report

Brad Blickstein and veteran legal journalist Erin Harrison (Legaltech News, InsideCounsel) have teamed up to launch the industry’s first comprehensive review of all 70+ AI-based legal technology companies. Combined, they have more than four decades of experience delivering independent information and analysis to the legal community, making them uniquely positioned to publish the first and only comprehensive report to provide a deep level of analysis that quantifies the efficacy of AI-based legal technologies.

Never has there been more noise in the legal marketplace about a technology as there is today about so-called Artificial Intelligence. Yet the effectiveness of the tools remains fuzzy.

The Legal AI Efficacy Report will provide the comprehensive, independent analysis needed to evaluate what legal AI tools do—and how effective each actually is. The report is designed to cut through the hype to help law firms and law departments evaluate their options for deploying AI solutions for specific use cases. The report includes:

  • Quantitative rankings (based on efficacy);
  • Complete, detailed review of each tool designed to evaluate each on its ability to solve legal and business problems, including user interviews; and
  • Analysis across seven distinct technology categories: E-discovery; legal research; billing/spend management; contract/document review and analysis; contract assembly and creation; expertise automation; insight/predictive tools and other.

Audience: The report will provide law firm leaders, legal ops professionals and other technology decision makers with detailed, no-holds-barred insight into each product, what problem it is designed to solve and how effective it is in solving that problem.

Updates: Quarterly updates will cover new companies and include major product updates. Comprehensive new research will be completed on each tool at least once per year.

Details: Target publication date is third quarter of 2019. There are no “pay-to-play” opportunities and there is no charge to participate.