About The Blickstein Group

Brad Blickstein, principal at the Blickstein Group, has spent his entire career bridging the gap between in-house counsel, law firms and legal service providers. In 1991, he was on the small team that launched Corporate Legal Times (now Inside Counsel), which covered the relationship between client and counsel, but from the client’s perspective. For most of its readers, CLT was the first information source of any kind specifically for in-house counsel. Brad led a management buyout of the company in 1998 and launched the CLT SuperConference selling the company in 2002 and launching Blickstein Group.

Blickstein Group has two missions: to help legal service providers better understand and serve their clients and to provide information about law departments and legal operations. Brad launched his Annual Law Department Operations Survey in 2008, when few law departments had legal ops, and he has been part of the function’s enormous growth ever since. With more than 300 data points, it remains the largest and most comprehensive legal ops survey. He also writes and speaks extensively on the topic.

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Brad is also publisher of the Annual Legal Spend Survey and a regular columnist on the topic for both Above the Law and Legaltech News. He also conceived of and is project editor for National Law Journal’s Trailblazer series, which celebrates groundbreaking attorneys and legal professionals in areas ranging from IP to litigation to emerging technology.

Brad Blickstein