Legal AI Efficacy Report 2020

Third Edition


The Legal AI Efficacy Report investigates the specific problems AI-powered legal tools claim they solve and how effective they are in actually solving them.

As the industry’s first and only independent, comprehensive review of AI technology efficacy, this report is an essential resource for legal operations and law firm technology innovation and knowledge professionals tasked with strategic planning and technology purchasing for their organizations.

The report provides detailed, independent analysis, including SWOT charts, for 61 AI-powered legal technologies across 8 categories. Independent user feedback is included for most tools.

Annual subscriptions to the Legal AI Efficacy Report are $4,995 and include quarterly updates for existing products as well as bi-annual updates covering new products and technologies.

Updated quarterly, the Legal AI Efficacy Report will help you:

  • Cut through the hype to identify problems and solutions.
  • Understand which products and services are the best fit for common law firm and legal department use cases.
  • Gain a holistic view of technology categories and relevant vendor product offerings.
  • Develop your organization’s AI-enabled technology strategy.

The Legal AI Efficacy Report is independent. It takes no advertising or sponsorship and there are no “pay-to-play” opportunities for vendors or software companies. Subscribers will receive quarterly updates for existing products as well as bi-annual updates covering new products and technologies.

Questions? Please email anytime.

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Here are some of the top reasons law firms and legal departments are subscribing to the Legal AI Efficacy Report:

  1. Focus less on hip tech and flashy features and more on solving business problems
  2. Detailed analysis of 61 AI-powered legal tech tools
  3. Broad coverage of 8 different legal tech categories
  4. Fully independent reporting: no pay-for-play opportunities
  5. Critical resource for developing an AI strategy
  6. Savings of hundreds of hours researching tools
  7. SWOT charts make it easy to understand the pros and cons of each tool
  8. Single subscription for the entire organization
  9. Quarterly updates to reflect the rapidly changing marketplace