Criteria and Submission Forms

Inclusion Criteria

The Legal AI Efficacy Report will cover legal tech companies with an AI-based product. As an independent analysis, the report will evaluate how effective an AI-based tool is at solving real problems for legal professionals; therefore, only companies with existing clients using the technology will be covered.

Are you a start-up? The report is updated quarterly so keep us posted if your status changes and you qualify for the report.

Submission and Briefing Process

To be considered for inclusion, please complete and submit a self-evaluation form (below).

If you are selected for coverage, our researcher(s) will contact you for a briefing. The briefing will be a 60- to 90-minute interview in which our researcher(s) will ask questions about specific capabilities and use cases to determine the product’s ability to deliver on what end users need to solve a legal process and/or business problem.

Ready to Get Started? Select a Self-Evaluation Form

The categories below are for initial intake purposes only; final categories will be determined at the conclusion of Blickstein Group research for the Legal AI Efficacy Report, which is likely to be organized in multiple different ways.


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