Consulting and Managed Services

If any single trend has defined the legal industry over the past two decades, it is the change in the way legal and related services are marketed and purchased. We have followed this trend closely and can help with:

  • Messaging

    Your message is the key to differentiating your company from its competitors. The Blickstein Group can help develop a message that clearly enunciates your market advantages in a way that resonates with in-house counsel and other attorneys.

  • Marketing Strategies

    Legal professionals can be difficult to reach. Depending on your offering and message, you may need some combination of content marketing, advertising, conferences, public relations, social media and other channels. The Blickstein Group can advise you on what type of strategic campaign makes the most sense based on specific budgets and objectives.

  • Content Marketing

    Providing prospects and clients with content, such as articles, case studies and webinars, that they find valuable can be extremely effective. And tracking how they use it can feed your pipeline. The Blickstein Group can develop and implement a functional content marketing strategy and even ghostwrite your content.

  • Websites

    It is critical to deliver a web experience that conveys the right message and connotes the right image. Materials should also provide some value in order to generate  “stickiness.” The Blickstein Group can plan, write and manage the design of your website and other collateral materials. Ask us for examples

  • Sales Strategies

    Lawyers view themselves as different from other businesspeople, so selling to the legal market has unique challenges and often requires different strategies than any other industry. The Blickstein Group can help you devise new strategies and tactics for any segment of the legal market, including in-house counsel, law firm attorneys and legal support professionals.

  • Product Development

    The Blickstein Group can provide advice on functionality and features of new products and help you gauge the reaction of the legal market.

  • Marketplace Analysis

    A marketplace analysis may be more- than- worthwhile as you consider whether and how to enter or focus on the legal industry. The Blickstein Group can assist you in determining if and how to proceed and the likely value of the market for your specific offering.

  • Conference Development

    The Blickstein Group has substantial experience in managing conferences of all sizes, providing content development and/or conference operations. If your organization is considering an event ranging from a small roundtable to a large user group, the Blickstein Group can help with any and all aspects of managing your conference.

  • Public Relations

    Press releases and bylined articles can be extremely valuable tools for organizations looking to position themselves as thought leaders. The Blickstein Group can devise an implement a public relations program designed to deliver key messages and position the organization as experts. Services include strategy development, article placement, press release distribution and writing.