Success Stories

The following are just a few representative projects and clients:

  • Legal Consulting and Solution Provider

    Created and implemented launch plan and built initial website for venture-backed startup. Post-launch, functioned as outsourced chief marketing officer.

  • Electronic Discovery

    Conducted long-term project including branding, messaging, marketing planning and implementation, covering development of custom magazine and conferences; functioned as interim chief marketing officer.

  • Law Firm

    Provided long-term service as public relations counsel and ghostwriter; managed hundreds of article placements over a multiyear engagement.

  • Legal Software Company

    Functioned as outsourced chief marketing officer over a multiyear period.

  • Law Department

    Helped to win industry awards, e.g., “10 Most Innovative Law Departments.”

  • Legal Spend Management

    Worked with internal team and external partners to develop an ROI analysis and tool for use by sales force.

  • Legal Service Provider

    Assisted company in determining whether product line was appropriate for corporate law department market. Also helped them understand necessary sales, marketing and product changes.

  • Legal Publisher

    Devised and produced dozens of events for in-house counsel over a multiyear period.

  • Electronic Discovery Acquisition

    Developed messaging and strategies for newly acquired electronic discovery company by a well-known legal service provider.

  • Legal Publishing Company

    Provided content for a variety of shared clients as part of marketing services efforts.

  • Litigation Consultants

    Created new messaging, sales and marketing strategies and worked with outside designers on complete website overhaul.

  • Document and Matter Management

    Conceptualized and wrote white papers and case studies to emphasize value to corporate law departments.

  • Legal Information Provider

    Advised event team and provided training course for sales force in preparation for major trade shows.